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The Escape of Iris Dupont in French / en français HERE/ICI

The Escape of Iris Dupont


On the 1st May 2020, COVID 19
lock down, 30610 Gard, France:
Madame Iris Dupont risks all
when she decides to escape
 and go outside.

It was in the month of March 2020 that the world as a whole and life
as Iris knew it - totally changed.  France went into lock down.
A pandemic, which especially targeted elderly persons, was on the rampage.


People were confined to their homes.
In nursing homes, residents are imprisoned in their rooms.
Fear spreads, and streets become deserted.


In this theatrical piece, Iris Dupont is
in solitary lock down, experiencing this new way of life as the days, weeks and months go by.


is a mask theatre piece created
during COVID 19 lockdown.

Download the  flyer HERE

The Escape of Iris Dupont (short) was chosen for the Place Theatre Bedford’s, Cultural COVID 19 packages support from Arts Council England’s Emergency Funding Scheme, supported by money from National Lottery, and financial support from the Harpur Trust.


Director: Freya Stang

Cast (on and back stage):  Freya Stang,

Corinne Faucon, Rika Deryckere

Scenography: Rika Deryckere

Masks:  Freya Stang

Seamstress and puppets:

Francoise Schira

Sound design: Didier Peigle

Lighting: Didier Peigle


Filmed theatre show, 03 July 20,

at the Galerie Vidourle, Sauve

Camera: Khaim Seligmann



Cast:  Freya Stang

Film / Camera: Elisabeth Mazauric

Sound: Didier Peigle

Large Marionettes: Solenne Capmas

Photos Elisabeth Mazauric



Thank you to the artists and all of those

on the streets of Sauve 1st May 2020


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graphic, web design, gif animations and music: Elisabeth Mazauric liz-graphicdesign.comphotos: © Christine Jouneau

• Dave Pickens • Elisabeth Mazauric • Freya Stang • Jenine Collocott Warren  • Joyce Majiski • Lily Fossard • Stefano Borgi

• Thierry Augereau • Hege Høisæter : © photos by  Peter Madai, Sciarrino-photo, Jörg Wiesner, Erik Berg.